Hampshire and West Sussex Hindu Cultural Society


Our Organization was started in 2011 with a view of bringing people who believes in Hindu values and culture based in and around the counties of Hampshire and West Sussex. Started with a group consisted of around 6 families and it has grown to a strong organization now consisting of around 50 families and involving in a number of  activities  which helps people understand the values and ethics about Hinduism as well as help and develop society around us. Our activities consist of celebrating different religious festivals as well as conducting cultural activities with members outside of our organization as well. We also conduct monthly Bhajans,Yoga classes  as well as Language classes for the kids which help them know about the values and ethics of Hinduism.

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Our Objectives

  • To support Asian Hindu Community in and around
    Hampshire, West Sussex area.
  • To encourage them to practice Hinduism culture
    especially the young generation.
  • Help people who are in need and enlighten their lifes .
  • To promote the Hindu values & principles , thus helping to learn more on Hinduism, ancient scriptures and the Vedic heritage.
  • To undertake , organize and do all things (religious, spiritual, charitable, educational, social, cultural and sports) as may be deemed proper and conductive towards the social and cultural advancement of the community.
  • Social service based oh Hindu Philosophy, ” MANAVA
    SEVA MADHAVA SEVA ”, which means, ”Service to
    humanity, is service to God”.
  • To establish a place of worship (Hindu Temple ) in
    Hampshire – West Sussex area


Facilitate children to appreciate, learn and practice Hindu way of life Instill confidence in children about their identity.Raise Hindu awareness in the society around. Develop social awareness and leadership skills among children